BFL – Complex Asset Restructuring 2017-11-29T05:00:21+00:00

The mediator will help assist the parties in selecting an expert to help determine the asset’s value and the amount that is. Please note any fees for outside experts are not included in the divorce package.

Stock options are becoming an increasingly common way for employers to incentivize employees, the mediator assists the parties in understanding how this complex asset is divided.

Profit and loss statements, liabilities and capital accounts, deciding what to do with the business during a divorce can be tricky. The mediator helps the parties determine the right option for them – be it a buy-out, co-ownership or selling the business.

Pension plans with an undefined value require valuation by an actuarial service. The actuarial service utilizes mathematical formulations as set forth in California case law to determine the amount that is community property and the amount that is separate. The mediator will help you access this information so that you can make an informed decision on the division of this asset.