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Baron Family Law relationship consulting services are unique and tailored to individuals, couples, partners, or families that need assistance in finding healthy and effective communication strategies, creating boundaries, and resolving conflicts.

At Baron Family Law we offer relationship consulting services to assist our clients in being able to have fulfilling and loving relationships with the people that matter most. Our family is here to protect yours!

Consulting and advocacy is NOT psychotherapy. Local references to psychologists and psychiatrists are available upon request.

Marriage and Relationship Consulting

  • We work with couples to regain connection, improve communication, and find joy together
  • We work together to rebuild on the foundation of trust, happiness, vulnerability, and love.
  • Clients will learn about patterns in their relationships that cause negative chain reactions, as well as learn communication styles, love languages, red flags and triggers
  • Clients will collaborate to reengage within the relationship and resolve emotional strain from the past to move forward

Child and Family Relationships and Family Planning

  • We work with families work together, or help families mediate issues during a challenging time (i.e. loss in the family, divorce, life phases, etc)
  • Work with parents and children to learn emotional regulation, parent-child bonding techniques, importance of role models, and coping skills
  • Help parent’s discuss parental responsibilities and boundaries
  • Help create parenting plans within the home – such as schedules, roles and responsibilities

Pre-Marital Preparation

  • It is important to enter into a marriage knowing the key elements of what makes the relationship itself work
  • We provide couples a safe place to engage and discuss life issues related to financial decisions, children, and sex
  • We help couples collaborate to make a roadmap for their future relationship by discussing family of origin issues, love languages, emotional triggers and past traumas, health communication, red flags, potential negative or unpleasant relationship patterns or cycles
  • We help determine personal and relationship goals, as well as defining habits, career and educational goals, family planning, financial planning, intimacy and sex, and conflict resolution

Empty-nester Relationships – The Next Chapter

  • We help couples regain a sense of life and purpose, especially as a couple, during the phase of life after their children have left the home
  • We focus on the existential issues and phase of life issues