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Baron Family Law litigation consulting services are unique and tailored to individuals, couples, partners, colleagues, or families that going through a complex or emotionally challenging court case.

At Baron Family Law we know that litigation can be challenging and often scary for those who are unfamiliar with the court process and procedures. Many individuals may be seeking answers and support throughout the litigation process. Dr. Baron advocates for her clients throughout the process each step of the way. Dr. Baron assists clients in finding avenues for creative problem solving, conflict resolution, healthy coping skills, and will be present for court dates and trials so no client has to go through this process alone.

Consulting and advocacy is NOT psychotherapy. Local references to psychologists and psychiatrists are available upon request.

Divorce Litigation Consulting and Advocacy

  • We work with individuals to provide support and direction throughout the divorce litigation process
  • Act as a liaison, as an “interpreter” of legal jargon and proceedings, and a personal advocate during court proceedings.
  • We help to explain to the client as necessary what unfamiliar legal terms mean, letting the client know what they can expect to happen next in the legal process, and advocate for certain actions or responses with prosecutors, police, attorneys, probation officers as requested
  • We are available to accompany the client to court proceedings so they never have to face this challenging process on their own
  • We will also provide problem solving strategies around complex emotions and also provide referrals to other community resources

Child and Family Court Consulting and Advocacy

  • We work with families when there is a dispute regarding contact or care of a child. In the process of consulting, if the parties reach agreement on disputed issues the matter does not proceed to trial, thereby saving legal costs and time.
  • A person wants to draft a parental rights and responsibilities agreement.
  • The clients want to register their parental rights and responsibilities agreements.
  • A person wants to amend or terminate parental rights and responsibilities agreements
  • There is a dispute on whether the unmarried father of the child born out of wedlock has satisfied the requirements which makes him eligible to acquire full parental rights and responsibilities in terms of the law.
  • Parents who cannot agree on how to exercise their responsibilities and rights to their child.
  • Parents who have minor children and there is a divorce pending and the child needs a neutral advocate to support them
  • Any other person (e.g. grandparents) who want  to exercise/ acquire full parental rights and responsibilities
  • Mediate parent’s disputes over parental responsibilities and rights
  • Help create parenting plans – A parenting plan is where parents are co-holders of parental responsibilities and rights including where and with whom the child is to live, the maintenance of the child, contact between the child and any of the parents or any other person and the schooling and religious upbringing of the child.

Victim Advocacy and Consulting

  • Discuss both the civil and criminal litigation processes
  • Discuss how crime affects victims
  • Identify the elements of the grief process and PTSD
  • Explain how to work with the victim’s family and the media definitions of racism, sexism, and heterosexism
  • Identify victim advocacy skills for working with surviving family members of a homicide victim
  • Identify suicide behavioral distress signals
  • Demonstrate techniques for assisting suicidal persons and tools for suicide prevention
  • Identify patterns of domestic violence
  • List characteristics of abusers and victims
  • Discuss how to recognize signs of child abuse

Civil Rights Advocacy

  • We advocate for individuals and their equal rights
  • We advocate for individuals who are in litigation fighting workplace discrimination including discrimination against minorities, women, people with disabilities, older workers, and LGBTQ workers
  • We aim to fight for the rights of people who suffer discrimination or whose constitutional rights are being violated in the community or in institutional settings